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Welcome to Symphony Connect

Symphony Connect partners with enterprise businesses to deliver transformational change. We specialise in transitions to Agile, helping our clients look beyond the technical to maximise the effectiveness of agile by addressing portfolio, programme and operational impacts. The most successful transitions require change throughout the business, and Symphony Connect can help faciliate your journey.

Truly great things come only from committed people and meaningful collaborations, and this is at the heart of our approach.

  • Telecommunications

    Our staff have successfully deploying Agile into mobile operator and mobile device industry sectors, as well as extensive experience providing project management, solution and data architecture services in these sectors.

  • Entertainment and Media

    Larger Agile transformations need to address programme and portfolio management to maximise their potential. Our team's experience in the entertainment and media sector directly addressed these areas - how to integrate wider programme/portfolio functions with Agile, and how to embed the vision.

  • Financial Services Nationwide

    We're currently helping Nationwide deliver their digital strategy.