What we do

Advances in technology and delivery approaches demand businesses modernise their product development processes to stay competitive in an accelerating technology market. The need to deliver maximum, frequent value to your customers and realise early benefits has never been more important.

Symphony Connect provide Lean Agile, Architecture and Project/Programme management for teams of all sizes, and have experience scaling Lean Agile for large organisations. Change in large, highly assured and regulated environments face particular challenges. Our broad sector experience enables us to tailor to your particular needs.

Our high quality coaching and training will accelerate your agile transformation and ensure maximum success. We are experienced in Lean, Scrum, Kanban, XP as well as Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

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Our Services

Agile Transformations, Coaching and Training

Whether you're starting on your journey or are further down the path and need help scaling your approach, our experienced coaches can help. We focus on helping you achieve sustainable improvements within your product engineering team, and training your staff to take it forwards.

Business Architecture

It's not all about the technology choices. Often forgotten during Agile adoptions, business architecture plays a pivitol role in the success or failure of business change. Operational capability must align to strategy and the evolving technical landscape. We can help you analyse, design, and rollout your strategic business architecture.

Solution Architecture

For anything but the smallest business, an architectural runway is essential to remain current and compeitive. We help you solve your key issues, manage your risk and help you make the right decisions to keep your architecture as Lean as possible.

Project and Programme Management

We offer project and programme management services, whether for a greenfield programme or for an existing project in need of assistance. Traditional programme management organisations frequently struggle with the organisational shift to Lean processes, and our significant experience in this area can help you navigate these changes.